Flag – VIRULENT EXCISION – Visceral Hallucinations – 85 X 110 CM


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Import Textile Flag – 85 x 110 cm


Import Textile Flag , Official Release By Brutal Mind, Grommet each corner.

Formed in late 2018 Virulent Excision is a brand new brutal powerhouse from Chicago, Illinois. Consisting of members from Chicago bands Asphyxiator, Cannibal Abortion and Bad Blood. They are quickly making their mark on the brutal death scene throughout the Midwest in the US and beyond on top being the house band of the Chicago Domination Fest which has grown into one of the best underground metal festivals in the United States.

Influenced by bands like Dehumanized, Internal Bleeding and Vomit Remnants they are laying down a vicious blend of groove laden pummeling death metal with an old school vibe sure to hook people start to finish.

They are now teaming up with Brutal Mind to unleash their debut EP “Drug-Induced Psychosis” due to drop late spring/early summer 2020. The band is excited for this new partnership with such a reputable label that has firmly established themselves as a standard barer in the brutal death metal community throughout the world.

Check out their EP : https://Brutalmind.bandcamp.com / https://virulentexcision.bandcamp.com/releases

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