VINYL – DISAVOWED – Revocation Of The Fallen


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Official Realesed by Brutalmind,

Disavowed full album titled “Revocation of The Fallen” on vinyl 12″.

Type: Full-length
Release date: July 31th, 2020
Label: Brutalmind
Format: 12″ vinyl

Disavowed brings you “Revocation of the Fallen” to fulfil your thirst in complexity, ultimate sharp riffage, and powerful blast-beat intensity. The captivating elements of the two previous albums served as a foundation for the current album. Monstrous vocals and complex chromatic riffage are merged with over-the-top drumming by Septimiu. The Kohlekeller production creates a dissonant feeling in other-world brutality of the fallen kingdom that has finally been revoked!


The Process of Comprehension

The Enlightened One

Revocation of the Fallen

Imposed Afterlife

Deformed Construct

Therapeutic Dissonance

Defractured in Contemplation

Egocentric Entity

The Inevitable Outcome

Facing the Singularity


Artwork by Jorg de Vos

“Enjoy the Brutality from The Dutch Monsters”


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